1. Role & Responsibility
Our business concept is to provide one-stop service. This is an invincible package designed for all ambitions businessmen including those who are fresh to start in tailoring industry but would like to focus on sales and marketing field. We provide substantial backup from sales tool preparation, manufacturing, quality control, order status tracking and delivery. Working with us is simply hassle-free!

2. Business Backup
We provide comprehensive sales tools and necessary training where massively saves your time and effort in figuring out how to enter this business. Our sales tools emphasize on presentation, user-friendliness and level of customization.
a. Material books
b. Style references
c. Outfits sample
d. Measurement tutorial

3. Why A Timeless?
a. Quality & Efficiency: Our production is a blend of experienced tailors, advanced technology and meticulous
attention. Turnaround time: 5-10 working days.
b. Cost-effective: Economies of scale enormously reduces the cost. We maintain your competitive edge
against the counterparts
c. Experience: Our business partners are all over the world-New York, New Jersey, Boston, Munich, London,
Amsterdam, Melbourne and Brisbane. More potential partners are joining us in every year.

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